Stellisons: Quality bespoke kitchens tailor-made for you.

Stellisons offers a complete planning service to ensure that your kitchen exactly meets your needs. We will discuss your current space, and how you use it, before we begin to talk about the options that would best suit you.

Our staff are friendly, approachable, and above all experts in their field. They have many years experience and training, and can make your ideas about a new kitchen into reality.

After an initial consultation, we will carefully measure your existing kitchen and design plans that fit both the space and your lifestyle. You won't just see the plans, however - we also create beautiful artwork showing you exactly how your new kitchen will look before we begin the work.

At any point in this process you can make changes to our suggestions, and we will happily accommodate you. You may decide you want a slightly different colour scheme, for example, or that you'd rather have a cupboard unit where we've put drawers. We will discuss all our design decisions with you, so you know exactly what the thinking is behind each element, but if you still wish to change something then that's fine - we'll work together on a new design.

So why not get in touch today, using the details below? We'll be happy to help.

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